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A smart software to manage all aspects of your conferences using latest technology like Big Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, BLE devices and various other Sensors. From creating branded conference websites to detailed registration forms. From building delegate agendas to managing online payments. From badges and barcode scanning to in-depth analysis on attendance and revenue.

Conference planning is stressful enough, with a variety of challenges that impact your planning efforts. The great news is that with iCMS you can solve majority of the issues and smartly achieve your conference goals.


Just follow few simple steps to setup a conference and smartly manage it with real-time data analysis:





One software suit to manage all aspects of a conference from planning, to successful execution.

  • Conference setup:

    Easy and intelligent setup using handy mobile App.

  • Smart Tracking: (City check-ins)

    Smart Tracking is a feature based on Artificial Intelligence that allows the organizer to keep track of the Attendees that have reached the city prior to conference.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Navigation:

    Best in class Navigation system based on Beacons/GPS. It enables you to guide your visitors, customers and partners inside your premises from their position to a specific point of interest, room or place.

  • Real-time Foot-fall/Heat maps

    By capturing, tracking and reporting on a rich set of real time data, it offers highly valuable insights to help you make more informed decisions.

  • Efficient Solution for your Conferences:

    Your time is important, that's why we have smartly designed this solution to help you save time while planning your conferences, allowing you to manage amazing experiences before, during, and after your conferences.

  • Conference Security:

    Manage security and anonymity with our privacy features. Define specific access rights for different users to manage security and restrict them from attending unbooked sessions.

Exceptional features

Here are the features that will make your business easier

Live Media:

Access to Event Gallery including videos, audios and images.

Dedicated mobile Apps:

Dedicated mobile apps for Organizer, Speakers, Attendees & Vendors.

Beacon-based navigation:

Indoors; GPS navigation may fail, but our intelligent Beacon based nav system will assist you to reach your desired destination without any complications.

Instant Feedback:

Gather real-time insights and feedbacks from the participants during live sessions.

Custom Notification

Broadcast new updates using real time push notifications to your attendees.


In case of an emergency it can send an emergency sms to the organizer and your selected contacts.


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